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The Centre for Organizational and Social Studies of Polytechnic of Porto (CEOS.PP) was created in 2017 and has been accredited by FCT in the area of Digital Services - Social, Cultural, Economic or Public Administration. This centre develops and promotes solutions and digital skills that contribute to the transformation of organisations, with an impact on their performance in the digital economy era. This mission is materialized in R&D projects and in the development of multidisciplinary and innovative activities, from research to specialized services, including advanced training actions.
CEOS.PP stands out as a national reference in the Digital Services area and in the continuous development of high quality research in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Marketing, Communication, Human Resources, Social Economy, Information Systems and Technology, as well as in Analytics at a business, social and academic level.
CEOS.PP researchers work towards the dissemination of knowledge and the development of specific competences in these research areas, establishing partnerships that allow them to share and communicate knowledge not only to the R&D community but also to society in general.
CEOS.PP is based at Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto (ISCAP), the second oldest education institution of P.Porto (Polytechnic Institute of Porto) and is part of a wider community of about 22.000 people that daily study, teach and work in the P.Porto universe.


At CEOS.PP we seek to further improve the quality of our R&D outputs. In order to do so, our strategic planning focuses on developing competitive research through national and international financial support such as H2020 / Horizon Europe, FCT SAICT, Norte 2020, EEA & Norway Grants and ERASMUS+, among others. We are hence able, through our research projects, to transfer knowledge to a specific set of stakeholders facilitating governance, decision making and digital services enhancement. We also produce research that supports ISCAP'S educational diversed programmes.



Comprised of a Director, who chairs, and two Vice-Directors


Consisting of all PhD members


Consisting of Study Unit’s coordinators and twelve other members of the Scientific Council


Comprised of three international researchers of recognized merit

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