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Young Researchers' Club

The Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of Polytechnic of Porto (CEOS.PP) launches the Young Researchers' Club iniciative, with the goal to raise awareness, promote scientific initiation and develop scientific culture and skills.

The Club promises to launch challenges and promote opportunities, but there are also informal moments, such as the Club Café, to share scientific knowledge and establish partnerships between young and senior researchers. The initiative will involve students in research projects in order to promote their curricular enrichment, supporting them throughout their research development process.

The opportunities don't stop at research: the Club will also foster links with the community and business market.

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Three Minute Thesis Challenge

Developing the Club's logo and image

YOUR scientific identity creation


Funding for conferences

Participation in research projects


other perks...

Training (such as PACCDIN)

Access to CEOS.PP Infrastructures & Softwares

Digital Incubator

Young Researchers' Club Café

Os alunos adultos


  • Identify research interests among students from different disciplinary areas

  • Promote student training in various research skills through workshops and seminars

  • Supporting and promoting students' research interests

  • Sharing scientific knowledge

  • Involving students in research and development projects in order to promote their curricular enrichment

  • Promoting the presentation of scientific work by junior/visiting CEOS.PP researchers (master's students)

  • Promoting and boosting links with the community and the business market

  • Strengthen the partnership between young researchers and junior and senior researchers



Send an email to with your CV.

In this email, tell us a little about:

  • Research interests;

  • Area of expertise;

  • Projects you are involved in or would like to be involved in.

If you already have a CEOS.PP researcher accompanying you, tell us who they are and we'll talk to them about the best way to join us!

And don't forget to enrol as a junior/visiting researcher by filling out this form!

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