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CEOS.PP team aims to develop and promote digital skills and solutions to help transform traditional organisations into top performers in the digital economy era. CEOS.PP intends to work the organisations' intangible skills needed for the future economy, especially the ones that create customer value, promote operational efficiency, generate information and knowledge and develop human capital. In order to do so, CEOS.PP cooperates with national and international organisations, universities and other R&D units aiming at the development of comprehensible and practical results.


Each research group, focused on a specific scientific field of interest, develops nationally and/or internationally funded projects


Access a comprehensive list of all of our researchers’ scientific publications, books, book chapters, published papers, among others

Young Researchers' Club

Iniciative with the goal to raise awareness, promote scientific initiation and develop scientific culture and skills.

Digital Transformation Observatory

Catalyst for innovation, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Digital Transformation phenomenon

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