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Deolinda Meira

Full Member

Coordinator Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto/ISCAP. Director of the Master in Management and Legal Business Regime of the Social Economy. She participates in various national and international research networks within the scope of Cooperative Law and the Social Economy and is the author of numerous scientific papers on these areas. She has participated in the revision processes of legislation and national and international research projects. Editor of the Journal Revista Cooperativismo e Economía Social. Member of the National Council for Social Economy (CNES). She received the "Personality of the Social Economy 2022 - Career Honour Award", from the jury of the Cooperation and Solidarity António Sérgio Award and the Award for the "Best Teaching and research trajectory, 2023" from the Board of Directors of the Escuela de Estudios Cooperativos of the Complutense University of Madrid.

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