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PACCDIN | Annual plan of short courses in research

CEOS.PP launches the 1st Edition of PACCDIN, a comprehensive annual plan of 15 short courses covering the basic topics most needed for research.

Aimed to develop scientific culture, these courses are primarily thought for young researchers, but are open to the entire scientific community who whishes to learn more on these topics.

You can check the atribution of ECTS for PACCDIN+Researcher's Coffee here!

All the courses will take place in person at CEOS.PP's Noble Room. Participation is free but subject to registration - each course will have a limit of 18 participants.

Sign up and secure your place now:

How to search scientific databases

ENROL Ricardo Bahia Machado | Teresa Barros

22 november 2023, 5:15 to 6:15 pm

How to plan a research

How to select methodology

How to collect data by questionnaire

How to do a bibliometric study

How to analyze questionnaire data

How to organize a bibliography

How to collect interview data

How to analyze data by interview

How to write an article

How to make a scientific presentation

Design Thinking

How to manage terminology

Creative Thinking

How to avoid plagiarism


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