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Atribution of ECTS to PACCDIN-CEOS.PP

In order to encourage a culture of research among ISCAP students, junior researchers and the IPP universe in general, CEOS.PP launched the 1st edition of the Short-Term Research Training Plan (PACCDIN) in October 2023, with a total of 15 1h30 courses.

CEOS.PP has also created a monthly get-together, the Researcher's Coffee, with the aim of bringing together members of the CEOS.PP Young Researchers Club and senior researchers. This meeting aims to complement research training as well as create mentoring, synergies and transdisciplinary research networks.

In order to stimulate the development of effective research and participation in scientific meetings, and also to motivate participation in activities, ECTS have been atributed to training hours and autonomous research work, in the following forms:

1 ECTS - attendance of 28 hours of training (PACCDIN + Researcher's Coffee), with a minimum of 85% of PACCDIN training hours;

2 ECTS - Training according to point 1 + submission of 2 short abstracts or 1 long abstract to a journal or conference*;

4 ECTS - Training according to point 1 + presentation of a paper at a conference + submission of an article at a conference*;

6ECTS - Training in accordance with point 1 + acceptance of 2 conference papers or 1 paper in an indexed journal*;

*Co-authorship with the supervisor is acceptable.

With this atribution of ECTS we hope to contribute to:

  • Greater collaboration between CEOS.PP, master's programme directors, supervisors and lecturers in research methodologies;

  • Increased participation in conferences and publications by master's students;

  • Support for students in research methodologies or data collection or analysis techniques in which their supervisors are not experts;

  • Regular use of the Research Centre's spaces and resources by young researchers;

  • Possible crediting of the 6 ECTS to the Research Methodologies course, in duly justified cases accepted by the course leader (e.g. impossibility of attending the course, attending CEOS training prior to attending the course, among others).


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