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Paulino Silva

Associate Researcher

Professor at ISCAP | Polytechnic of Porto since 2003 in the areas of Accounting, Management and Business Simulation;
Founding member of the research centres CICE-ISCAP, CECEJ-ISCAP and CEOS.PP;
Master and MBA of Management from the University of Porto – Porto Business School;
Specialist in Business Sciences from the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon and Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra;
Advisor and discussant of several master's dissertations;
Author of several scientific articles, presented at indexed international conferences and published in several indexed scientific journals, namely in the prestigious scientific journal Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management;
Member of scientific committees, organising committees and reviewer of several conferences and international scientific journals, namely the Euromed Research Business Institute, ACPI, IATED and IADITI;
International coordinator, local coordinator, teacher and researcher in several international projects.
International coordinator of the international project YBS – Your Business Success and national coordinator of the ELSE project - Eco/logical Learning and Simulation Environments in Higher Education, citing the most recent ones.
Certified Business coach and trainer in the areas of Accounting, Management and Entrepreneurship;
President of the Casa do Pessoal of the Polytechnic of Porto, among other associative activities;
Scientific publications and international projects available at:

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