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DEMS project awards

On 3 July, the awards ceremony was held for the winning teams of the Digital Marketing Competition, which took place at ISCAP as part of the DEMS Project and in which 41 teams took part, with a total of 175 students.

The ceremony was led by Professor Manuel Moreira da Silva, President of the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP), and was also attended by Professor Isabel Cristina Lopes, Vice-President of CEOS.PP and the members of the jury, Professors Jorge Remondes, Maria José Angélico Gonçalves, José Duarte Santos and Paulo Botelho Pires.

The winning teams were:

1st place

  • Beatriz Afonso Palma

  •  Daniela Lara Garcia da Costa

  •  Francisca Sampaio de Sousa

  •  Margarida Oliveira Soares

  •  Núria Patrícia Correia Carvalho

2nd place

  • Higino Fernando Alves Fonseca

  •  Maria Pedro Russo e Silva

  •  Maria Mercedes Gonçalves Villanueva

  •  Inês Lopes Brandão

  •  Sofia Beatriz dos Santos Matos

3rd place

  • Carolina Barroso

  •  Cecília Canavilhas

  •  Diogo Pinto

  • José Alberto

  •  Tiago Mendes

The first-placed team will go to Gdansk to compete against the other winning teams from the national competitions held in the other three participating countries: Poland, Finland and the Netherlands.

Congratulations to all the winning teams and all the participating teams. The work presented is representative of the quality of teaching at the Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP).


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