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CEOS.PP Researchers' Day

CEOS.PP joined the European Researchers' Night with Researchers' Day | DICEOS23!

More than 50 researchers attended the event, which boosted synergies and disseminated the scientific work of CEOS.PP members.

CEOS.PP Researcher's Day featured guest speaker Marta Agostinho, Executive Director of EU-LIFE, who led the Plenary Session on Ethics and culture in scientific research: current elements and challenges.

In 30 parallel sessions, researchers presented their research work and projects, and also had the opportunity to share ideas in a pitch for future partnerships.

Also present were the Vida Económica Publishing Group and INE - Instituto Nacional de Estatística, IP. Edições Sílabo also took part in the event by awarding a book voucher to researcher Roberto Vaz, drawn from among all the researchers who presented their work, projects and ideas in the parallel sessions.

In the late afternoon and evening of September 29th, CEOS.PP celebrated the European Researchers' Night, a showcase for diversity in science, which this year saw 26 countries join the initiative. Every year, this night attracts more than 1.5 million visitors from Europe and the rest of the world to applaud and celebrate science and research.

Access the Abstract Book here.


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