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Skills through sport for Employability and Employment

Name of the Project: Sport4E - Skills through sport for Employability and Employment

Project Number: 101089835

Project Coordinator: Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

Type of Project: Erasmus2027 - ERASMUS-SPORT-2022-SCP


Technische Universität München (Germany)

CEIPES (Italy)

Budapest Association for International Sports (Hungary)

Sindicato dos Jogadores Profissionais de Futebol (Portugal)

Tempo Finito SLL (Spain)

Project Summary:

Sport4E is a project proposal, born thanks to the cooperation between different partners from many European countries, working locally and internationally in the field of education, employability, entrepreneurship and sport.

Overall Objective:

Sport4E Project addresses the objective of promoting education and skills development in and through sport by implementing activities specifically focused on the creation of useful, attractive, and immediate open educational resources aimed to the development and implementation of soft and transversal skills that from sport can be applied to work. 

Specific Objectives:

The project aims at using skills and competencies acquired by coaches and sport instructors to train young athletes and unemployed people in developing a set of professional hard and soft skills useful to integrate them into the labour market and promote entrepreneurship between youth. In this way it will be possible to generate labour through sport.

The main target groups of Sport4E project are:

  • Coaches and sport instructors

  • Youths and young athletes that can be supported by sport in integration into the labour market and/or in developing entrepreneurial paths  

Sport4e project follow the “European Union Work Plan for Sport 2021 – 2024” in which one of the priority areas is socio-economic and environmental dimensions of sport. 

Coordination of the project in ISCAP / Researchers involved:

Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Fotografia investigador

Dora Martins

Fotografia investigador

Pedro Mendonça da Silva

Fotografia investigador

Isabel Ardions

Fotografia investigador

Paula Carvalho

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