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Promote the development and progress of entrepreneurship projects in the area of digital economy

Name of the Project: Digital Incubator

Type of Project: Internal CEOS.PP project

Aims and Objectives:

The Digital Incubator project is part of the R&D activities of CEOS.PP - Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of the Polytechnic of Porto. Funded by FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology (UIDB/05422/2020), its primary vision is to support future initiatives that promote the development and progress of entrepreneurship projects in digital economy.

Based on the development of an incubation model that uses new digital technologies, co-created and validated in collaboration with multiple stakeholders linked to the national entrepreneurial scene (incubator managers and start-up founders), it is intended that users have access to a unique and innovative ecosystem, making use of a digital platform centred on supporting the particular needs of each entrepreneur. It is hoped that the e-learning resources, mentoring, services and multiple materials made available will add value and support entrepreneurs throughout the incubation period of initiatives and innovative business ideas, facilitating the development process of their digitally acting ventures.

Specific objectives:

  1. Development of an innovative digital incubation model.

  2. Design and implementation of the Digital Incubator online collaborative platform.

  3. Support, accompany and provide highly specialised services to entrepreneurs during the different stages of development of their business ideas, customised based on their needs and stages of maturation.

  4. Contribute to improving the education levels of incubated participants in the area of entrepreneurship in digital economy, and their knowledge of the processes involved in transforming their ideas into viable businesses.

  5. To foster the curiosity of the academic community towards entrepreneurship, contributing to the generation of new digitally-oriented businesses.

  6. To design and validate internationally a unified incubation model, which can serve as a basis for the implementation of future digital incubators.

  7. Ultimately, contribute to the development of the local and national economy.

Lead researchers:

Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Fotografia investigador

Alexandra Albuquerque

Fotografia investigador

Sandrina Teixeira

Fotografia investigador

Ana Azevedo

Fotografia investigador

João Vidal Carvalho

Researchers involved in the development of entrepreneurship e-learning courses:

Roberto Vaz (Coordinator)

Marco Lamas (Co-coordinator)

Adalmiro Pereira

Alexandra Leandro

Ana Paula Rocha

Carlos Fernandes de Oliveira

Célia Talma Gonçalves

Deolinda Meira

José da Silva Neto

Maria José Angélico

Paulo Vasconcelos

Sandra Marques Ribeiro

Susana Bastos

Tânia Teixeira

Tiago Fernandes

Vera Ribeiro

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