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Notions of Internationalization - Trends

Eduardo Sá e Silva, lecturer at ISCAP and researcher at CEOS.PP, launches a new book.

Eduardo Sá e Silva, lecturer at ISCAP and researcher at CEOS.PP, has launched a new book entitled "Notions of Internationalization - Trends", published in October 2023.

This book presents an overview of internationalization, including the various ways of entering and the reasons why companies enter into this continuous process of involvement in operations with other countries outside their home base, in a context of increasing complexity and diversity such as globalization, which in turn provokes and promotes this internationalization of companies.

Taking a broad view of internationalization, given that the benefits can accrue to companies, but also to the countries of origin and destination, aspects such as increasing the level of companies, exports, technology transfer and R&D (Research and Development) are highlighted, as well as the skills to define the most appropriate strategies and the conditions for positive impact and results. To this end, the final part of the book reproduces and comments on statements made by entrepreneurs, explaining cases of greater or lesser success in the internationalization process.


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