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ENFEM holds final project meeting and conference

On October 17, 2023, the ENFEM international members met at ISCAP, the partner responsible for coordination, to draw up a summary of the activities and take stock of the results.

Issues related to the management of the project were also discussed, and a plan was defined for its sustainability in the short and medium term.

The following day, the final conference of the project was held at ISCAP, bringing together around a hundred participants, including various European partners, national partners and international women who had collaborated on the project.

The conference was opened by the Director of CEOS.PP, Ana Azevedo, and featured guest speakers Isabelle Tulekian, an ISCAP lecturer specializing in Intercultural Mediation, and Egle Zalubaite, a Lithuanian ENFEM partner, on the panel dedicated to Needs, perceptions, challenges and expectations: the voice of migrant women and local actors.

The panel on Migration and intersectionality featured Ana Paula Rosa, program manager at the International Labour Organization in Lisbon, and Vera Fonseca, coordinator of the ACM Intersectoral Inequalities Project team.

The last panel, on the Capacity Building and Empowerment of International Women, featured Aline Flor, a journalist at Público, Anastasia Liopetriti, a Cypriot ENFEM partner and Magda Bakali, a Greek ENFEM partner.

Learn more about the ENFEM Project here.


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