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Debriefing: CEOS.PP Summer School

The Summer School - “Digital Transformation – Organizational and Societal Dimensions” ends on November 10th.

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) initiative “Summer with Science” emerged in a context of high complexity and accelerated digital transformations and a global pandemic, proposing to support the creation and development of Summer Schools in Polytechnics and Universities .

The Summer School in Digital Transformation – Organizational and Societal Dimensions was developed by the Center for Organizational and Social Studies of the Polytechnic of Porto (CEOS.PP) and emerged in close coordination with the undergraduate, masters and postgraduate courses offered at ISCAP /P.PORTO, without being restricted to these.

The initiative involved 15 Research Fellows over 3 months and was promoted by a group of senior Researchers, within the scope of CEOS.PP's mission to promote initiation into research, in order to provide greater opportunities for knowledge transfer for Portuguese society.

The main driving force behind this Summer School was the stimulus to applied research, in articulation and direct interaction with organizations that face challenges in their work processes and business models in the context of the digital transformation of society, namely, in a post-COVID19 reality.

The Summer School in Digital Transformation represented a joint effort towards an ethically and socially responsible mission, which aims to stimulate the continuous production of scientific knowledge, sensemaking and critical thinking by the younger layers, which will enhance their continuous development throughout life, as well as greater sustainability in the dissemination and legitimacy of scientific thought in the years to come, and with it the production of solid contributions and valid solutions for the challenges faced by organizations and societies of the future.


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