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Creation of the CEOS.PP-Coimbra Hub, in partnership with ISCAC

The protocol establishing the creation of the CEOS.PP-Coimbra Hub was signed on 23 November 2023, in a partnership between the Higher Institutes of Accounting and Administration of the Polytechnic of Porto and Coimbra.

The Hub, made up of an interdisciplinary team of researchers and teachers from both institutions, establishes an effective partnership in the design and development of joint research activities.

Enhancing and boosting the transfer of knowledge and the impact on society in the Porto and Coimbra regions, this is another decisive step towards the growth of CEOS.PP and its affirmation as a leading research centre on the national scene.

The protocol was signed by ISCAP President Manuel Moreira da Silva, ISCAC President Alexandre Gomes da Silva and CEOS.PP Director Ana Azevedo.

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