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Consumer Protection and Supervision in the F. S.

The Financial Services User Group | FSUG was created by the European Commission to involve users of financial services in the policy making, having as main goals:

- Advise the European Commission on the preparation and implementation of legislation or policy initiatives that affect users of financial services;

- Proactively identify the main issues that affect users of financial services;

- Advise and articulate with representatives of users of financial services and representative bodies at EU and local level.

Most of the speakers are members of FSUG and at the conference there were also present senior members of DG FISMA (Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union).

There were addressed current issues related to the conference area, highlighting issues related to Taxation and Regulation of the Financial Market.

All the issues that were approached represented an added value for all. For more details, you can find attached the agenda of the conference.


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