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CEOS.PP Game Award

The awarded students were Cristiana Coelho and Jerusa Santos!

ISCAP celebrated its 135th anniversary last November 23rd and the winners of the Game CEOS.PP Award, Cristiana Coelho and Jerusa Santos, were on stage to receive a CEOS.PP research check, a Viseeon training check and a Centurium game kit.

Cristiana Coelho and Jerusa Santos presented their application with the Game Accounting Bet, a gamification project in the accounting pedagogical context.

The CEOS.PP Game Award is framed within the GAMSTRA Project - Gamification Strategies for Management Skills, with coordination of the CEOS.PP Research Line in Information Technologies and Systems.

This is an award promoted to distinguish the best projects of gamification of knowledge in the accounting area.

CEOS.PP thanks Viseeon and Centurium, for the partnership and collaboration!


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