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Vera Lúcia Oliveira

Associate Researcher

Vera Lúcia Oliveira holds a PhD (2000) and a master's degree (1995) in Applied Mathematics from the University of Porto (2000).
She is an assistant professor (1992) and senior lecturer of Mathematics at ISCAP – P. Porto.
She is the author of some peer-reviewed publications that have almost one hundred citations and author of two books ISBN 978-989-66-0533-9 and ISBN 978-972-47-3544-3.
She has lived in Poland for 7 years and has experience within an international community (including many different nationalities from all continents) with different traditions and a spirit of mutual help.
Her main research interests are Technologies in Teaching and Learning in Education, B/E-Learning, STEM Education, Game-Based Learning and Time Series Analysis and Forecasting, Time Series of Counts, and Applications in particular.

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