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Paulo Alcarva

Associate Researcher

Bachelor of Economics and Master of Finance from FEP, with the title of specialist in Management - Finance, Banking and Insurance from P.Porto and PhD candidate in Business Sciences at UPT. 21 years' experience in the banking sector, holding management positions in Investment and Corporate Banking at the BPI Group. Currently a professor in higher education, as a guest senior lecturer at ISCAP and ABS. He is also vice coordinator of the Porto Executive Academy and director of the Executive MBA and postgraduate course in SME Internationalisation Management at PEA.
He is an author of books on Financing, including "A Banca e as PME", "O Financiamento Bancário de PME", "Banca 4.0" and "Bitcoin e Blockchain", and trainer in Corporate Finance and Banking for various organisations in Portugal (OCC, IFB - Portuguese Bank Training Institute, AEP) and Angola (National Bank of Angola and Banco de Fomento Angola).
He is an active member of the Portuguese Economists Association (Economist counsellor) and the European Economic Association (EEA).

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