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José Luís Reis

Associate Researcher

PhD in Information Systems and Technologies from the University of Minho and specialist professor in Management and Administration from IPAM – Porto. He was responsible for systems and information technologies in various entities, such as CVRVV, Integral Vision (UK) and ORTEVE, and coordinates national and international projects in the areas of Information Management, Applied Marketing and Strategic Regional Planning and Mobility. He’s a full member of the CETRAD research centre at UTAD and an associate researcher of CEOS. Author of papers and scientific articles in the domains of Information Systems Modelling, Multimedia, Data Processing for the Personalisation and Information Systems of Marketing. He’s author and co-author of various books such as “Personalização no Marketing – Tecnologias e Sistemas de Informação”, “Marketing no agroalimentar – fundamentos e estudos de caso” and “Gamification Model for SME”.

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