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José Joaquim Moreira

Associate Researcher

José Joaquim Moreira is a specialist in Computer Science from ISPGaya since 2015, holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from FEUP since 2008, a Master of Multimedia Technology from FEUP since 2005, and a Bachelor of Industrial Computer Engineering from ISEP since 1998.
He is a senior lecturer at the Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology (ISLA Gaia), where, in addition to teaching, he is also director of the School of Technology.
He has carried out research with published articles in the areas of Multi-Agent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Systems Integration, E-Learning and Education.
Professionally, he has held various positions in the IT area since 1992, from systems analyst, consultant, trainer, software development director, programmer to web systems administrator.
He has been a CISCO CCNA instructor since 2002.

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