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Jéssica Carneiro

Junior Researcher

Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences and Technologies and a Master of Electronic Business from ISCAP.
She was a research fellow at the School of Health, in the international project "Love.Dist@nce", from March to September 2023.
She also took part in the "Verão com Ciência 2022" programme at CEOS.PP, writing a scientific article on the subject of her dissertation.
In October 2022, she took part in the "Link Me Up - 1000 ideas" team project, focused on wine tourism, winning 3rd place from P.PORTO.
As a researcher, she has published articles in scientific journals and conferences, addressing issues ranging from Scientific Data Management to the Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic on E-Commerce.
Her interests centre on E-Commerce (particularly Online Shop Management), Marketing (especially Social Media Management and Content Creation) and Information Technology.
With a curious mind and always keen to learn more, she intends to delve deeper and explore new horizons in the aforementioned areas.

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