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Francisco Vinheiras

Junior Researcher

Francisco Vinheiras, a professional with experience in quality management, production, finance and marketing. Born on 26 November 1982, I have a degree in Marketing from ISCAP and am currently studying for a Master's degree in Electronic Business, also at ISCAP.
My professional career is rich in diversity and experience. I started out as Quality and Production Manager at VOX - Organização Industrial Gráfica, S.A., where I dealt with customer and supplier relations, preparing production orders and organising sample files. Later, I worked as a Promoter at Clara e Cunha Lda, where I promoted broadband products in direct contact with customers.
I also did administrative work at DISGIT - Publicidade e Marketing, Lda, where I was responsible for posting and issuing invoices, collections and bank checking. Later, as Clerk/Financial/Commercial at EUROPLV - Concepção e Desenvolvimento de Displays, Lda, I acquired skills in client management, market research and searching for new markets.
My professional career includes the position of General Manager at SPICYELLOW - Indústria Gráfica Unipessoal Lda, where I led strategic and operational management, financial resource management, and product marketing. I'm currently a self-employed graphic consultant, where I work on acquiring and organising client portfolios, display design and B2B markets.
In the academic field, I have published work on the role of Social and Communication Marketing in managing social problems, including bullying and cyberbullying, in the Book of Cases on Public and Non-profit Marketing and the International Journal of Humanities Social Science and Management.
I am fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish, with basic levels of French. My skills include using the Internet, software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and online communication platforms such as Skype and Zoom. I have a natural facility for learning and adapting to new technologies and tools.
My organisational and leadership skills have been developed over the years, especially during my time as Managing Director, where the coordination of financial and human resources was essential. I have good communication skills, the result of years of professional interaction with suppliers and clients.
I consider myself to be a multidisciplinary professional with a wide range of skills and experience, committed to excellence in everything I do.

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