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Cláudia Pinto

Associate Researcher

PhD student in Information Technology and Systems at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho. Master of Business Information from ISCAP - P.Porto. Her master's dissertation is in the areas of Information Management; Information Systems, Information and the Organic-Functional Structure of Organisations. She was a project manager in the Web area for 5 years. She was a research fellow on the COOPVID - Impacto do Covid-19 nas cooperativas de solidariedade: um estudo interdisciplinar project, a study promoted by CONFECOOP and the Social Economy Line of the Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of the Polytechnic of Porto (CEOS.PP). As research fellow, she was an advisor to the Board of CEOS.PP and a guest assistant professor on the Master of Business Information and the Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences and Technologies at ISCAP. She is currently a research fellow at CEOS.PP.
Her areas of interest are: Information Science, Information Management, Information Literacy, Information Technologies and Systems, and Information Systems Project Management.

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MIGAP - MigrAtion in Porto

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