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António Monteiro de Oliveira

Associate Researcher

Doctor cum Laude in Economic Analysis and Business Strategy, specialist in Entrepreneurship, Master of Entrepreneurship and Internationalisation, postgraduate course in Management Methods and Techniques, postgraduate course in Accounting and postgraduate course in Finance.
He is a founding member of ANJE's Academy of Entrepreneurs, a member of the National Mentoring Network, the Portuguese Chartered Accountants Association and the Portuguese Economists Association; he is also a certified trainer from the IEFP and the National Scientific-Pedagogical Council for Continuing Training.
He works in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and the Cultural and Creative Economy, with various participations in national and international projects.
Director of the Higher Professional Technical Course in Commerce and Fashion Business Management at ISCAP - Polytechnic of Porto.
Full member at the Centre for Intercultural Studies - CEI Polytechnic of Porto.
Associate researcher at the Centre for Organisational and Social Studies - CEOS.PP Polytechnic of Porto.
Senior lecturer at ISCAP - Polytechnic of Porto.

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