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Project-oriented apprenticeships and internships in the creative industries

Name of the Project: Creative InternPrize

Project Number: 2016-1-TR01-KA202-033888

Project Coordinator: Akdeniz University (Turkey)

Type of Project: ERASMUS+ (Strategic Partnerships for Vocational and Educational Training – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Development of Innovation)

Project Lifetime: 1st of September 2016 until 31st of August 2018 (24 months)


Akdeniz University (Antalya, Turkey)

VisMedNet Association (Saint Paul's Bay, Malta)

Associazione ValIda (Rome, Italy)

Stucom SA (Barcelona, Spain)

NTNU – Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universiter (Norway) Kalipedos r. Priekules Ievos Simonaitytes gimnazija (Pirekule', Lithuania) Dungannon Enterprise Centre (Dungannon, Ireland)

Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

European Institute for Local Development (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Dideas, S.L. (Castellón, Spain)

UNINETTUNO (Rome, Italy)


VET: Promoting work-based learning in all its forms, with special attention to apprenticeship-type training

HORIZONTAL: Improve achievement in relevant and high-level basic and transversal competences in a lifelong learning perspective

HORIZONTAL: Open and innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital era

Project Summary: Creative InternPrize is a partnership between 11 education and training institutions who have come together to implement a concept based on project-oriented apprenticeships and internships in the creative industries.

Creative InternPrize generates early career opportunities in the creative industries for students in VET through work-based learning apprenticeship experience within the school environment. Such project work is generated by the school in partnership with the local industry and players in culture, media, social work, youth and other fields and, in this way, it places students in contact with the labour market.

The project work will be supported by the use of a virtual digital platform that the partners will create so that it may become a common working place and cooperation between students under the supervision and guidance of teachers and the local industry that benefits from the students' work. This cooperation will therefore not only bring VET schools closer to enterprises, it will also bring enterprises into the school space. The platform will be available online so that students can work from home, in their own time, alone or together, with others instilling in them a sense of responsibility, cooperation, autonomy and enterprise.

Teachers and students will work in a start-up environment during pilot activities in the participating schools and then after the end of the project lifetime when schools adopt InternPrize practice for themselves.

There will be two training activities for teachers in Spain and Greece on start-ups and the InternPrize methodology, use of tools and virtual workspace. The partners will create training content for teachers in VET on the subject of start-ups and this will include resources and materials, and the manual and user guide of the virtual digital platform. This training on start-ups will also be available as an OERs supported by a telematic university, even if it is not part of the partnership and beyond the project lifetime.

To supplement the training resources, the partners will create a video gallery of narratives of the InternPrize experiences at school in which teachers, students and entrepreneurs will share experiences and anecdotes. They will in this manner be taking part in a wide ownership exercise, and future beneficiary teachers and students may learn from the real life experience of InternPrize. This will be also an asset on the curriculum of the students sharing their experience in start-up.

The benefits of Creative InternPrize will be for a wide spectrum of student profiles including :

- gifted students who wish to explore career possibilities in the creative industry;

- students often labelled as having learning challenges due to their aptitude for the practical as opposed to formal education;

- students who have a particular creative streak possibly accompanied by a sense of entrepreneurship;

- students from any gender and geographical, cultural, religious, economic, and social background given that InternPrize works through projects generating positions and vacancies and therefore giving merit to skills and aptitudes.

The partners will look into the possibilities of implementing the methodology of bringing students in contact with enterprise through project-based work experience in the creative industries in mobility projects. The partners will also explore the possibility of transfering the InternPrize experience to other sectors outside the creative industries.

The partnership is one based on track record of experience and geared on networking and sustainability beyond the project lifetime. It is oriented towards taking an active part and making a proactive contribution towards further competitiveness in the creative industries, and combating early school leaving and youth unemployment that are at the heart of the strategies of the European Union.

Coordination of the project at ISCAP / Researchers involved:

Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Fotografia investigador

Rui Bertuzi

Fotografia investigador

Paulino Silva

Fotografia investigador

Anabela Mesquita

The project shares a complete training pack regarding the creation and management of its business.

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