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New pathways and Training models for Counselling in Youth Services

Name of the Project: SymfoS Youth Care - New pathways and Training models for Counselling in Youth Services

Project Number: 2018-1-DE01-KA202-005183

Project Coordinator: Sozialwerk Dürener Christen (Germany)

Type of Project: Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for VET

Project Lifetime: 1st of September 2018 until 31st of August 2021


Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung Schober GmbH (AT)

University of Gloucester LBG (England, UK)

Asociación Caminos - Asociación para el intercambio educación y desarollo social (ES)

Colegio Oficial de Doctores y Licenciados em Ciencias Políticas y Sociología de Andalucía (ES)

Associação A3S (PT)

Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

Aims and Objectives:

1) Basic research reports for Symbol work in Youth Welfare provision in the different project countries;

2) Development of a self-assessment tool;

3) Curriculum for Training competences of Symbol coaches;

4) International train the trainer workshop and following National train the trainer events.

5) Peer and Mentoring Concept to support the implementation of personalised pathways;

6) Integration /cooperation within existing networks / Education for Youth Welfare provision in Partner Countries and promotion at European Level by HE partners;

7) The external evaluation and quality assurance;

8) SymfoS for Youth Care Learning platform and virtual network space.

Coordination of the project at ISCAP / Researchers involved:

Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Fotografia investigador

Ana Luísa Martinho

Fotografia investigador

Viviana Meirinhos

Project's website: 

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