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Core Skills for 21st Century Professionals

Name of the Project: Skills for you - Core Skills for 21st Century Professionals

Project Number: 2017-1-ES01-KA203-038589

Project Coordinator: P1 - Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)

Project Lifetime: 2nd of October 2017 until 1st of October 2019 (24 months)

Type of Project: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for higher education



Instituto Politécnico do Porto (Portugal)

Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht (NL)

Wissenschaftsinitiative Niederösterreich (WIN) (AT)

INTEGRA INSTITUT, Institut za razvoj clovekovih potentialov (SI)

Aims and Objectives: CoSki21 proposes to take the necessary steps to tackle challenges and to offer a variety of innovations in the field of learning the skills needed in the 21st century. The consortium behind this proposal offers an influential and high-skilled experience on skills/competences research and development of learning environments, as well as assessing them. The consortium includes 4 UASs (ES, NL, FI and PT) and 2 research institutes specialized in evaluating, assessing and developing personal development and competence.

Coordination of the project in ISCAP / Researchers involved:

Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Imagem da linha de investigação correspondente
Fotografia investigador

Ana Paula Afonso

Fotografia investigador

Paula Carvalho

Fotografia investigador

Diana Aguiar Vieira

Fotografia investigador

Susana Bastos

Fotografia investigador

Manuel Moreira da Silva

Project's website: 

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