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We make wine speak. What’s your superpower?

Many Faces of Digital Communication.

The variety of the parts that constitute this event intend to show the multiple potentialities that the Digital Communication can give to the Organizations.

It derives from the research work developed around Communication and Languages for Organizational Environments, thematic line of CEOS.PP - Centre for Organizational and Social Studies of Polytechnic of Porto - which gathers contributions of the Communication Sciences and the Language Sciences to optimize the strategic organizational communication.

Seven Pieces, aimed at professionals, researchers, teachers and students, is subdivided into seven moments of reflection on the verbal dimension and communicative processes in different multi-modal contexts of digital communication.

"We make wine speak. What's your superpower?" was the opening piece, in which the speakers Tim Hogg and Teresa Pataco explained how our euphoric emotions towards wine can be triggered and enhanced by linguistic resources strategically used in digital contexts, exploring one of the branches of digital literacy, the social-emotional literacy.

This first moment took place on June 7th, between 17h07 and 18h08, on the Terrace of ISCAP's Restaurant.


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