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Smart Cities and Privacy Expectations

Risk construction in Data Donation

On December 11th, a lecture will be held in room 121-2 at ISCAP, at 7 pm, on the theme "Smart Cities and Privacy Expectations: Construction of Risk in Data Donation". This lecture is part of the Master in Electronic Business with guest speaker Jorge Campos, University of S. Andrews, UK.

Citizens are increasingly contributing to the development of their cities. Thus, and especially when investment in new technologies enables the transformation of a city into a 'smart city', it is essential to understand the behavioral profile of each citizen. To this end, citizens are called upon to donate their personal data in order to make the municipality more sustainable and efficient.

However, before consenting, people follow a decision process that develops through an interaction of speeches. These discussions intensify and mitigate different risks, but they are crucial elements for an informed decision-making.

In this brief presentation, we will thus highlight these two processes in data donation – decision making and risk construction – and we will present some speeches/results from focus group participants in the current study.

Join us!


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