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Researcher Roberto Vaz distinguished at International Conference

"Best Paper Award" in the 16th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction awarded to CEOS.PP researcher Roberto Vaz, in the scope of his PhD in Digital Media.

The paper Enhancing the Blind and Partially Sighted Visitors’ Experience in Museums Through Integrating Assistive Technologies, Multisensory and Interactive Approaches, by Roberto Vaz in co-authorship with Diamantino Freitas and António Coelho, explores the results obtained from the implementation of a co-created framework to enhance the museum visiting experience for the visually impaired public, using augmented reality interfaces, mobile application, 3D prints, among others,

The study culminates in the accessible, interactive and multisensory exhibition "Mysteries in the Art of Healing, A multisensory experience through 5000 years of history". The exhibition implements the technological solution "I AM Visiting: Interactive, Accessible and Multisensory Museum Visits", created by Roberto Vaz and tested at the Porto Pharmacy Museum, with 25 visually impaired visitors.

Regarding the distinction in the category of universal access in human-computer interaction, Roberto Vaz believes that "it was awarded not only for the aspects mentioned, but also because, much more than promoting accessibility, this solution allows the inclusion of visually impaired publics in museums".

The 16th International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction addresses challenging and innovative topics in the theory, methodology and practice of Human-Computer Interaction, including, for example, new theoretical approaches, user interface concepts and technologies, among many others.


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