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Research Grant

Within the scope of the StoSS project from CEOS.PP

A Research Grant (worth €752.38 per month) has been opened for a graduate in Engineering, Economics, Management, Business Sciences, Informatics, Mathematics, or a related area, within the scope of the "StoSS - Sectorisation to Simplify and Resolve" project.

The work will be developed at CEOS.PP - ISCAP - Politécnico do Porto, under the supervision of Prof. Isabel Cristina Lopes. It is possible to conciliate this research work with master's studies.

The competition is open from 3 to 16 July 2019.

The aim of the StoSS project is to carry out an extended study of Sectorisation Problems (SP) and to develop a decision support system to support decision making related to sectorisation. SP often arise in relation to geographical issues by dividing a large region into smaller regions under specific conditions. Some examples are the division of a region into political districts, sales territories or areas for health care and policing, collection of solid urban waste or street cleaning, location of schools and maintenance operations. More information about this project AQUI


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