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Presentation of interim results - COOPVID Project

A webinar in the scope of the COOPVID Project - an interdisciplinary study of the impact of COVID-19 on Social Solidarity Cooperatives in Portugal - was held on 21 July in the ISCAP Grand Auditorium and via zoom.

The event was attended by CONFECOOP - Portuguese Cooperative Confederation - the entity responsible for the creation of this project, composed by researchers from the CEOS.PP Social Economy Line.

The webinar presented the intermediate results of the project to date and its website, where all the information about COOPVID can be found.

The debate was very rich and allowed the sharing of issues, concerns and expectations for the sector of Social Solidarity Cooperatives in the post pandemic scenario.

This webinar was broadcast simultaneously on the CONFECOOP Facebook page where it is available for viewing.


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