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Partnership between RMP and CEOS.PP leads to innovative project

RMP and CEOS.PP initiated a joint project of risk observatory for companies, the "C2R - Control to Risk".

RMP - Risk Management Projects in collaboration with CEOS.PP - Center for Organizational and Social Studies of Polytechnic of Porto signed this week in ISCAP the protocol of the project C2R - Control to Risk.

The C2R - Control to Risk project aims to become a risk observatory for companies, through the creation of a collaborative network for development. Initially, the observatory aims to draw a cross-thematic profile of the risk of domestic companies, with the future goal of expanding its activities to an international level.

The observatory foresees annual activities such as: dissemination of thematic risk ratings; development of sector and thematic studies; dissemination of studies and other relevant know-how material, through small public sessions or publications; and an annual event for the dissemination of awards and recognition of good practices among evaluated associates.

This is a step into the future of risk analysis and management in companies and organizations in Portugal, with the potential to generate mechanisms of cooperation for common development. With C2R, RMP and CEOS.PP meet the need for a mapping of the level of risk inherent in companies, thus developing a national and, in the future, international risk ecosystem.


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