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PAPRE Awards 2024

PAPRE (Programme of Support for Publication in High Quality Scientific Journals) aims to recognize the ability of IPP's teachers and researchers to publish in the world's leading scientific journals in the areas where they work, encouraging the dissemination of the main scientific results produced in the IPP universe and at the same time improving the IPP's positioning in the main international scientific rankings.

This year, the researchers who benefited from the PAPRE awards, all of them CEOS researchers, were:

  • Albertina Paula Moreira Monteiro

  • Amélia Cristina Ferreira da Silva

  • Ana Isabel Rojão Lourenço Azevedo

  • Ana Maria Moreira Rodrigues

  • Armindo Fernando Sousa Lima

  • Célia Talma Martins de Pinho Valente Oliveira Gonçalves

  • Cláudia Maria Ferreira Pereira

  • Cristina Maria Correia Teles Garcia de Oliveira

  • Deolinda Maria Moreira Aparício Meira

  • Helena Maria da Costa Oliveira

  • Isabel Cristina da Silva Lopes

  • Luís Miguel Pereira Gomes

  • Maria Amélia Machado Carvalho

  • Maria Antónia Gonçalves Rodrigues

  • Maria José Angélico Gonçalves

  • Orlando Manuel Martins Marques de Lima Rua

  • Rui Filipe Pereira Bertuzi da Silva

The CEOS.PP Board of Directors congratulates the awarded researchers!


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