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Mariana Malta, CEOS.PP's Researcher, participated in a project in India

The researcher Mariana Curado Malta went from 18th to 22nd of June 2018 to the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Durgapur, West Bengal, India in the scope of the project "EMPOWER SSE: A Linked Open Data Framework for the Empowerment of Social and Solidarity Economy Agents".

This project is funded by FCT and the Government of India and aims at scientific cooperation between India and Portugal.

The main objective of EMPOWER SSE is the development of an APP to support the Informal Economy of India based on Linked Open Data. The researcher worked directly with two students, a Master's student, and a Ph.D.student, in the modeling of the data.

Since the funding programme has also the goal of establishing cooperation between India and Portugal, the extra time was used to interact with NIT's Ph.D. students in the discussion of their work. There was also the opportunity to give a workshop on "Scientific Communication" to Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students.

A investigadora ainda teve a oportunidade de dar uma palestra sobre "Web Semântica" na B. P. Podder Institute of Engineering Technology and Management em Calcutá para uma plateia com alunos da licenciatura em Engenharia de Software.

The researcher had also the opportunity to give a lecture on "Web Semantics" at the B. P. Podder Institute of Engineering Technology and Management in Calcutá for an audience of Bachelor students in Software Engineering.


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