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IP 2020 - Legal Systems and Evolution of the Profession

Translate and interprete in the diversity

The Porto Accounting and Business School - ISCAP participates in a Strategic Partnership for Higher Education, within the scope of Erasmus+, which brought to Porto in this 2nd edition of the program "Legal Systems and Evolution of the Profession: translate and interpret in the diversity" , 26 students and 12 teachers. This project takes place between 20 and 31 January 2020 and aims to meet the needs of young graduates who wish to enter the labour market with theoretical and practical knowledge as well as cross-cultural and multilingual skills, essential to improve their employability.

The programme involves 7 partner countries: France, Spain and Portugal - among the oldest EU members - and the Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and Slovakia - four partners representing central and eastern Europe. This gathering offers an intensive programme of activities, among which plenary sessions include the participation of teachers, experts and representatives of translation companies and associations, workshops and cultural presentations from different countries. Each country is represented by 4 students, and the selection is made based on English and French language skills, knowledge of translation and law.


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