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II International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

ISCAP-P.PORTO is hosting the II International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences, from November 27 to 28, co-organized with the Faculty of Letters and Humanities of Chouaib Doukkali University of El Jadida, Morocco.

The objective of this conference is to highlight the importance of the Humanities and Social Sciences and promote their role in fostering global resilience through cross-cultural collaboration and response to current global issues.

Thanks to their interdisciplinary nature, HSS sciences can produce multi-dimensional and forward-looking research to understand the ongoing transformations and to shed light on the public policies put in place to address contemporary world challenges. Thus, the conference is an opportunity for academics and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests to share the latest research findings and new ideas (theoretical and practical) related to the cross-cultural contributions of HSS in addressing global issues.

The Call for Papers (abstracts) is open till 15 of September - and we look forward to receiving many and diverse contributions that can make this 2nd Conference a relevant opportunity to contribute to the realization of a sustainable and inclusive development model through networking and knowledge-sharing.

All information on the conference here can be found here:

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