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Collaborative project FAST TRACK co-promoted by the European Commission

Fast Track | To Open Hospital - University Innovation is a programme based on Open Innovation in hospital settings. It aims to promote the meeting of ideas, thoughts and internal and external processes, as a strategy to improve healthcare for users.

Created by the University of Évora, the Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, EPE, and the EIT Health network, the project brings together specialists from multidisciplinary areas, from communication to health, to explore problems of hospital and health organizations, to know in depth their main needs, and to work together in the development of "green tracks" (or fast tracks) to solve those problems.

CEOS.PP participates in the Fast Track and counts with the collaboration of the researcher Doctor Roberto Vaz, PhD.

The 1st edition of this programme is under the theme "Building a green highway of Hospital Communication centred on the user". The project, which officially began on November 4, 2022, has so far included the realization of: 4 face-to-face meetings for collaborative work between participants, coordinators and mentors; 11 online work sessions involving all stakeholders; and also multiple distance work sessions between the 7 teams initially constituted for innovation in specific health and hospital care challenges.

After the closure of the face-to-face sessions planned at the University of Évora on 5 May 2023, the project will continue to take place remotely to finalise the development and implementation of the proposed solutions, with elements of the hospital team to ensure the monitoring of these solutions in that hospital, among users and professionals.

The completion of the project and the public presentation of results is expected to take place in October 2023.


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