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CEOS.PP researchers and scholarship holder take part in a special session at the University of Vigo on ‘Research Lines in Informatics’

On 22 May 2024, CEOS.PP full members' Agostinho Sousa Pinto and António Abreu, together with scholarship holder Jéssica Carneiro, a PhD student in Intelligent and Adaptive Software Systems at the University of Vigo, took part in a special session at the School of Industrial Engineering (University of Vigo), Spain.

The session, which included a talk on ‘Research Lines in Informatics’, was organised by Professor Manuel Pérez Cota. In addition to the researchers and the CEOS.PP scholarship holder, two other PhD students affiliated with CEOS.PP were also present.

During this session, the students had the opportunity to introduce themselves, explain the subject of their theses, work on their doctoral programmes and clarify any doubts with their supervisors, Dr Manuel Pérez Cota, Dr Agostinho Sousa Pinto and Dr António Abreu.


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