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Ricardo Bahia Machado

Associate Researcher

Senior lecturer of Corporate Finance at ISCAP, P.Porto, Management department, Financial Management.
Director of the postgraduate course (executive) in Financial Management - PEA.
Member of the Scientific Committee of the master's degree in Corporate Finance at ISCAP.
Researcher at the Escuela de Especialización Profesional en Economía Social, Cooperativas y Otras Organizaciones de Participación (EESCOOP) of Complutense University of Madrid, at UNIAG.APNOR, and at CEOS.PP.
Bachelor of Business Management and postgraduate course in Finance from the Portucalense University. He obtained his PhD in Corporate Finance from the Complutense University of Madrid, as a scientific research fellow of FCT, and obtained in the same Spanish higher education institution the Diploma of Estudios Avanzados (DEA) - Advanced Studies Diploma.
He has professional experience as an external consultant for several companies in the Financial and Investment areas.
He directed courses in higher education institutions, participated in management bodies, namely the scientific-technical board, and participates in commissions for the accreditation of study cycles and juries for the selection and seriation of candidates for higher education.
He has supervised several master's dissertations,
He has organised and participated in conferences, published and reviewed scientific articles in the area of Finance.
He was also a professor and researcher at the Management department of the Portucalense University.

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