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Marco Lamas

Associate Researcher

Postdoc in Education (Entrepreneurship), PhD in Education (Entrepreneurship), and Bachelor of International Relations and Cooperation.
He is a senior lecturer at ISLA - Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology (ISLA-IPGT), where he leads the Business and Innovation LAB (BIL). Guest senior lecturer at ISCAP -P.Porto, director of the postgraduate course in Business Creation and Development, and researcher and member of the Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of the Polytechnic of Porto (CEOS.PP) and the Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI).
Co-founder of the SHINE - Scaling Higher Education Innovation for Europe international project. He is recognised as practitioner by EntreCompEurope, and is an Early Warning Europe mentor. He is certified as senior marketer with specialisation in Academy by APPM - Portuguese Association of Marketing Professionals. Certified business coach by the European Coaching Association (ECA), mentor, consultant, and certified trainer (IEFP and CCPFC) in Entrepreneurship and Management.

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